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Elite Dangerous : Patch 2.1 - The Engineers Featured

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Finally Patch 2.1 The engineers has landed on Elite dangerous Horizon season with a bunch of nice features. Let's discover what's coming.

The Engineers, a massive overhaul

The long awaited extension has finally come and it is for sure a great time to play Elite. Another layer of content has been introduced with this patch. At first glance we see some nice refinements concerning the graphics (Overall textures have been implemented and striking beautifully, great reflections in the cockpit as well as the hull of our space ship, starports and settlement too). Ship cosmetics have received some love too with ship kits (unique look to our ship).

Looting and Crafting, the engineer's way

Engineers are a new kind of NPC that can customize our ship to make them unique and not in a cosmetic way but improving them technically speaking. We must gain their trust and reputation among them to unlock high grade level customizations. Material must be collected from planet and space (the looting part) to reach a particular tier to unlock blueprints (the crafting part).

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