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The Looting and Crafting system in Elite Dangerous Featured

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The looting and crafting system will soon(tm) be part of Elite Dangerous. We don't know how precisely but some revelations were made during the EGX event in Birmingham by FRONTIER DEVELOPMENTS.

Sandro SAMMARCO said it should be a cool concept and a nice reward system. It will allows the player to have a great degree of customization and power to our ships. For example, some blue or green laser not only in a cosmetic way but with some different damage ratio. A kind of unique or close to unique for the player said David BRABEN. They will not only add power to weapons and module but alter their effects too! Sounds really nice and interesting for the future of the game. It will be part of the core game and Horizons* as well. Without a doubt it should bring a great sense of immersion to the game.

(*)From Michael BROOKES, some part of these equipments will only be found on planets.

In the concept picture above we can see some green laser firing from an Imperial eagle. Probably as a result of some tweaking from the crafting system. New kind of weapons and modules will be created in this fashion for a new and interesting gameplay.

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