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Ship Crews on Season 2 - Horizons

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It has been announced at EGX Birmingham, Ship crew should make their appearence in Season 2 - Horizons. Great new so far to hear about.

 This cool functionnality will be introduced for human players at first. How about some NPC hiring crews in stations via some bulletin board as it was in the previous Elite games. We can think of some multiple skills crew members as well. You can see some nice ideas by the Frontier Devs in the following link. What do you think about it and how you 'll see the future of this feature?

Link to the DDA (Design Discussion Archive) for reference : Design discussion archive - Ship crews

As long with the ship crew, the commander creator will come in Elite too! Finally we will have a face in the game. Perhaps for future enhancements in stations and outpost to bring the human scale and adding more immersion to the game. Fingers crossed that season 2 will bring this. Then season 3 or 4 should bring walk around and boarding features to play with. Let's discover some very nice avatar's pictures below.

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