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Tale of a commanders in Elite Dangerous. Stories, travels and adventures!
Focused on a faction, the Fosdell Interstellar.

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We are not alone in this galaxy but who lurks in the shadows of deep space. Friend or foe?

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New places to discover in this uncharted galaxy.

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Expeditions to colonize certain areas of the galaxy.

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Sunday, 11 June 2017 16:23

From Colonia to Beagle Point

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From Colonia to Beagle Point is the next space travel of Commander FOSDYKE from the Fosdell Interstellar.

Friday, 09 December 2016 15:43

Christmas Carrier Convoy expedition

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CCN is inviting pilots to assemble the largest merchant fleet in history. A single convoy of passenger liners, tourism transport ships, freighters and fighter escort. Your goal is to bring the next influx of colonists to Colonia along with much-needed equipment, commodities, military hardware and Lavian Brandy.